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AT pneumatic fixed ball valve

Nominal diameter: DN50-DN1000
Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa-10.0 MPa
Connection type: flange type
Applicable temperature: -20~+90℃
Body material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M
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One: Overview of pneumatic fixed ball valve products
        Pneumatic fixed ball valve is composed of angle stroke pneumatic actuator and fixed ball valve. It adopts the upper and lower valve stem fixing valve core (shaft support type) and movable sealing seat design, and the work is more stable. Pneumatic fixed ball valve with automatic compensation function, two-way sealing, valve seat between the gap, when turning, with great shearing force and self-cleaning function. The utility model has the advantages of small flow resistance coefficient, convenient installation, reliable operation, good tightness, strong adaptability, simple maintenance, etc.. Pneumatic fixed ball valve can be equipped with travel limit switch, solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve, air filter and other accessories. The control switch gas supply is in the range of 0.4MPa-0.7MPa, and two pairs of passive contact signals are sent out to indicate the switch of the valve. At present the pneumatic fixed ball valve is widely used in petroleum and chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, electric power, light industry, papermaking, high-voltage equipment and other industrial automatic control system for centralized remote control or local control.
 Two: Pneumatic fixed ball valve products
 1. Pneumatic fixed ball valve adopts fixed ball design. The moving parts of the friction coefficient and small material, operation torque small flexible use.
 2, Pneumatic fixed ball valve adopts full diameter or shrinkage, the flow resistance is small.
 3, Hard seal pneumatic fixed type ball valve adopts two-way metal movable sealing structure. It has automatic compensation and self-cleaning function, and the sealing performance is stable.
 4, The use of two-way movable seal seat design, with two-way sealing function, installation without taking into account the flow of media.
 5, Antistatic design. A conductive spring is arranged between the valve body and the valve body and the ball body, so as to avoid the static ignition and ignite the flammable medium.
 6, With arson function design. In the case of an emergency fire, the seat covers are sealed with metal to metal seals.
 [optional attachment]:
 1, Cut off accessories: single electric controlled electromagnetic valve, double electronically controlled solenoid valve, limit switch back detector.
 2, Adjusting accessories: Electric positioner, pneumatic positioner, electric converter.
 3, Air supply processing accessories: air filter pressure reducing valve, gas source treatment of sanlian.
 4. Manual mechanism: HVSD hand operated mechanism.
 Three: Pneumatic fixed ball valve products other parameters
 1, valve body

Type of bodyTwo stage cast valve body
Nominal diameterDN50~1000mm
Nominal pressurePN1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4、10.0 MPa;ANSI 150 300 600 900 LB;JIS 10 20 30 40 K
Connection formFlange type
Flange standardJIS、ANSI、GB、JB、HG etc.
Bonnet formOne-piece
Gland typeBolt compression type
Sealing fillerV PTFE packing, impregnated PTFE asbestos packing, asbestos textile filler, graphite filler

 2, Valve internals

Spool formO type fixed ball type valve core
Flow characteristicsApproximately fast opening

 3, Actuating mechanism

Actuator typeGT, SR, ST, AT, AW series of single and double acting pneumatic actuators
Supply pressure0.4~0.7MPa
Air connectionG1/4"、G1/8"、G3/8"、G1/2"
Ambient temperature-20~+90℃
Action formSingle acting mechanism: gas closed type (B) - when the gas valve position (FO); gas open (K) - out of gas valve position (FC)
       Double acting actuator: gas closed type (B) - valve position (FL) when gas is out; gas open (K) - valve position holding (FL) when lost air
Accessories availablePositioner, solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, retaining valve, stroke switch, valve position conveyor, hand wheel mechanism, etc.

 Fou: pneumatic fixed ball valve main parts,

2Left valve bodyWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
3Lower valve shaft2Cr13、304、316、316L
4Right valve bodyWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
6Seal ringPTFE、PPL、304、316、316L
7Spring65Mn、Stainless steel
9Upper valve shaft2Cr13、304、316、316L
11Packing plateWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
12ActuatorProvide configuration according to customer requirements

 Five: Pneumatic fixed ball valve main performance indicators

Nominal diameter DN(mm)5065801001251502002503003504004505006007008009001000
Allowable pressure difference(MPa)≤ Nominal pressure
Range of action0~90°
LeakageQSoft sealing VI class, hard sealing IV level, conforms to ANSI B16.104 standard
Basic errorBelt locator: less than full stroke±2%
Return differenceBelt locator: less than full stroke2%

Six: Pneumatic fixed ball valve main performance specifications

Test pressure(MPa)Nominal pressure(MPa)Pressure stage(class)JIS(K)
Strength test2.43.756.09.615.03.07.516.52.43.8
Sealing test1.762.754.47.0411.02.25.512.11.52.8
Airtight test0.4~0.7MPa