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AT pneumatic high platform ball valve

Nominal diameter: DN15~200mm
Nominal pressure: 16, 25, 40bar
Connection type: flange type
Applicable temperature: -20~80℃
Medium temperature: W1:-40~180℃ W2:-40~300℃ W3:-30~425℃ W4:-40~425℃
Body material: carbon steel (C), stainless steel (P4, P6)
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Pneumatic high platform ball valve features

1,Explosion proof switch, positioner
2,Quick response, good circulation, good quality, small opening and closing moment and long service life
3,European Department hardcover, skilled, sealed reliable, widely used, alternative imports
4,Ball valve high platform structure, ISO5211 connection standards, installation more professional and convenient
5,Two-way seal, medium flow, arbitrary automatic compensation, self-cleaning function, and the application of fiber suspension of viscous medium and micro particles

Technical specifications
Design basis GB standard
Design standard GB/12237
Structural length Flange link GB/12221
Connecting flange dimension GB/9113、JB/T79
Experiment and test GB/T13927、JB/T9092

Remark: the length and size of the series ball valve can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's requirements.

Technical parameter
Nominal diameter DN15-200mm
Connection mode Flange
Cylinder configuration AT series, GT series and imported actuators series
Cylinder form Double acting, single acting (spring reset)
Control mode Two cut off (switch type), regulation type, three stage type (opening optional)
Nominal pressure 16、25、40bar(For higher pressure, please indicate when ordering)
Gas pressureDouble action: 4~8bar, single function: 5~8bar
Medium temperature W1:-40~180℃   W2:-40~300℃   W3:-30~425℃   W4:-40~425℃
Ambient temperature Standard type:-20~80℃
Body material Carbon steel (C), stainless steel (P4, P6)
Sealing material Polytetrafluoroethylene (F), counterpoint polystyrene (PPL), metal hard sealing (H) and cemented carbide (Y)

Remark: other special sealing material or special temperature can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.


Material list of main parts
Part name Texture of material NO. Part name Texture of material
C P4 P6 C P4 P6
1 Right valve body WCB ZG1Gr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 11 Bushing PTFE.Composite bearing
2 Nut 35 ZG1Gr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 12 Gland WCB ZG1Gr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
3 Shim PTFE.Graphite metal composite pad 13 Bolt 35 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti
4 Bolt 35 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti 14 Bolt 35 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti
5 Valve body WCB ZG1Gr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 15 Connecting bracket 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti
6 Valve seat PTFE. Nylon - semi - polyphenylene metal hard seal 16 Bolt 35 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti
7 Sphere 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 17 Connecting sleeve 35 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti
8 The stem 1Gr13 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 18 Pneumatic device Extruded aluminum alloy
9 Shim 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Gr18Ni9Ti 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 19 Position indicator Plastic Plastic Plastic
10 Filler PTFE.Flexible graphite

Remark: other special sealing material or special temperature can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements