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Pneumatic high temperature stop valve

Body material: WCB, ZGlCrl8Ni9Ti, ZGlCrl8Ni2Mo2Ti, ZG00Crl7Nil4M02, ZGlCr5MO
Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, alkali and mixed acid
Applicable temperature: 200~425℃
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One: Pneumatic high temperature cut-off valve product description

        The heat sink is mainly to protect the valve driving device, so the valve with a more general, more than 300 degrees in more than 200 degree heat sink, heat dissipation through the bracket, have a great impact on the drive device is not. High temperature valve cover to add heat sink is to heat, it is no doubt that plus the temperature limit of heat sink there is no standard requirement, usually in excess of 560 degrees heat sink.

        In addition, the best effect of the heat sink is to be integrally cast with the valve cover, and the welding can be done, but the effect is not as good as casting. Pneumatic stop valve structure is simple, easy to manufacture and maintenance; work stroke is small, opening and closing time is short; closed body (valve) and valve seat sealing surface adopts cone sealing, closing force is small, erosion resistant, reliable sealing. Pneumatic cut-off valve seat can be replaced valve seat, can be arbitrarily assembled and closed the sealing surface of the material matching, in order to meet the working conditions, and extend the service life.


Two : Pneumatic high temperature stop valve, pneumatic actuator, structural features
 1, compact double piston gear, rack type structure, accurate teeth, smooth transmission, stable output torque.
 2, the cylinder is extruded aluminum alloy, and hard anodized treatment, the surface of hard texture, wear resistance is strong.
 3, the same specifications have double acting and single acting type (spring reset).
 4, the piston and the output shaft of the moving parts are equipped with wear-resistant material support, to avoid direct contact between metal parts, reducing friction and wear.
 5, Installation and connection dimensions are designed according to international standards ISO5211.DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845, which can be interchanged with ordinary pneumatic actuators.
 6, cylinder block, end cover, output shaft, spring, fastener and so on, are treated by antisepsis.
 7, the output shaft mounting and connecting holes of various shapes (square hole. Flat hole. Shaft chain hole) for selection.
 8, there is room temperature type. High temperature type, low temperature type.
 9, the single acting spring is installed after the pre compression, easy to install and disassemble, and the safety is good.
10, beautiful appearance, light weight, waterproof performance.


Three: Function and application of pneumatic actuator accessories
 Double acting as pneumatic actuator: control valve opening or closing.
 Single acting pneumatic actuator: circuit. Automatic shut-off valve when gas path is broken or faulty.
 Single electronically controlled solenoid valve: power supply valve open or closed, power off, the valve closed or open.
 Double electronically controlled solenoid valve: when a coil is energized, the valve opens. When another coil is energized, the valve is closed and has a memory function
 Indicator: signal for remote return valve opening or closing position.
 Electrical positioner: according to the current signal (4-20mA) of the size of the valve opening (ie medium flow) to adjust control.
 Electrical converter: converts the current signal to a pneumatic signal, which is used in conjunction with the pneumatic positioner.
 Pneumatic positioner: according to the pneumatic signal (0.02-0.1Mpa) size to control the opening of the valve, adjust control.
 Pneumatic triple parts: pressure reducing valve, filter, oil sprayer, lubrication, stabilizing and cleaning the gas source and moving parts.
Manual mechanism: used to operate valve opening and closing when the circuit is broken or faulty


Four: Pneumatic high temperature cut-off valve installation, commissioning and maintenance
 1, KGT series pneumatic actuators can be directly connected to the valve, but also through the stent and joint and valve installation connection.
 2, the installation must ensure that the pneumatic actuator output shaft and valve shaft coaxial.
 3, pipe joints and pipes should be clean inside, no more residue. Dust and oil pollution, etc..
 4, Solenoid valve, electrical positioner, electrical converter, pneumatic positioner, answering machine should be installed according to the relevant instructions.
 5, pneumatic actuator at both ends of the adjustment screw, you can adjust the valve opening angle, adjusting the nut must be tightened.
 6, actuator and valve should also for debugging, pressurized to the rated pressure valve, actuator with air pressure of two 0.4-0.7Mpa air intake switch, observe the valve to open and close, should be flexible without pause, without crawling chaos, and repeated test.
 7, install the solenoid valve pneumatic actuator, debugging should first use manual button operation (red button on the solenoid valve) debugging, and then power debugging.
8, the air source shall be dry and clean. Drain the air filter with the actuator periodically. Under normal use, should be checked once a month, once a year overhaul.


Five : Pneumatic high temperature cut-off valve standard

Design and manufactureGB/T1223
Connector sizeStructural lengthGB/T12221
Flange sizeJB/T79
Inspection and testJB/T9092
Material ScienceCarbon steelGB/T12229
Stainless steelGB/T12230
Alloy steelQ/ZB6
Supply commodityJB/T7928


Six : Pneumatic high temperature cut-off valve structure features
 1, exquisite selection of materials, in line with relevant standards at home and abroad, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.
 2, the valve flap and the valve seat sealing surface by the iron-based alloy surfacing or Stellite (Stellite) surfacing cobalt based alloy, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good anti abrasion performance, long service life.
 3, the valve stem has been quenched and tempered and treated by surface nitriding. It has good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.
 4, can use a variety of piping flange standards and flange sealing surface type, to meet the needs of various engineering and user requirements.
 5, the valve material variety is complete, packing and gaskets can be selected according to actual conditions or user requirements, suitable for a variety of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.
6, the inverted sealing screw connection, sealing seat or body austenitic stainless steel surfacing, sealing is reliable, change the filling can be in the case of no downtime, convenient and fast, does not affect the system operation.


Seven: Pneumatic high temperature cut-off valve main parts, materials

Valve bodyValve coverValveSeal ringThe stemFillerApplicable mediumApplicable temperature (≤℃)
WCBWCB+D507MOD5772Crl3Flexible graphiteWater, oil, steam425
lCrl8Ni2Mo2TilCrl8Ni2Mo2TiPTFEPhosphoric acids, bases and mixed acids200
Stel1ite6316LPTFEPhosphoric acid, urea and ammonium carbamate liquid200
Stel1ite625Cr2Mo1VAFlexible graphiteWater, oil, steam550