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AT pneumatic flange eccentric soft sealing butterfly valve

Nominal diameter: DN50-DN2000
Nominal pressure: 0.6~1.6MPa
Body material: WCB, QT450-10, HT200, HT250
Applicable temperature: NBR: -40℃~90℃
Fluorine rubber: -20℃~200℃
Applicable medium: water, air, natural gas, oil and weak corrosive fluid
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       Pneumatic flange type eccentric soft sealing butterfly valve From the angle of stroke pneumatic piston actuator and valve body composition, the design principle of three-dimensional space trajectory eccentric, the sealing surface of the sealing surface to achieve the ideal, no friction, no interference between each other, and the sealing material selection properly, so that the valve sealing performance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance have a reliable guarantee.

One: Pneumatic flange type eccentric soft sealing butterfly valve Product features

       1, The operating torque, operation torque is a minimum of all valves, open and close rapidly, powered by compressed air through the piston rack, mechanical drive rod gear, a rotary output torque to rotate the valve plate of 0~90 degrees, will be able to complete the opening and closing fast, simple structure, small volume, light weight, small flow resistance, flow coefficient, good sealing performance. Large range of adjustment. It is the execution unit of the instrument in the automatic control system.

       2, The electric - gas valve positioner, the electrical signal and compressed air as power control system, accept input 0-10mADC or 4-20mADC current signal by the regulator will be converted into the compressed air, the air pressure signal input and output, changing the angle of rotation of the valve plate (0-90 degrees, with arbitrary angle) control flow parameters such as good.

       3, Using the electromagnetic reversing valve and valve position return device, the two - bit cut-off control of the fluid medium is realized by using AC220V or DC24V supply voltage and compressed air as power.

       4, The actuating mechanism adopts the piston type cylinder and crank arm transfer structure. The output torque is large, the volume is small, and the full seal waterproof design is adopted. The protection level is high. Cylinder body adopts mirror cylinder, no oil lubrication, small friction coefficient, corrosion resistance, super durability and reliability. All drive bearings are self lubricated with boundary bearings, no oil lubrication, to ensure that the drive shaft does not rub.

Two: Main technical parameters

Nominal DN(mm)



Nominal pressure PN(MPa)




Sealing test(MPa)




Strength test(MPa)




Applicable temperature

NBR:-40℃~90℃  Fluorine rubber:-20℃~200℃

Applicable medium

Water, air, natural gas, oil and weak corrosive fluids

Leakage rate

Meet GB/T13927-92 standards

Drive mode

Worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

Three: Main parts and materials

Part name

Material Science

Valve body




Valve shaft


Seal ring

NBR oil resistant rubber


Flexible graphite

Four:  Pneumatic soft sealing butterfly valve actuator parameters

Actuator typeSingle and double acting pneumatic actuator
Supply pressure0.4~0.7MPa
Air connectionG1/4"、G1/8"、G3/8"、G1/2"
Ambient temperature-30~+70℃
Action formSingle acting mechanism: gas closed type (B) - when the gas valve position (FO); gas open (K) - out of gas valve position (FC)
Double acting actuator: gas closed type (B) - valve position (FL) when gas is out; gas open (K) - valve position holding (FL) when lost air
Accessories availablePositioner, solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, retaining valve, stroke switch, valve position conveyor, hand wheel mechanism, etc.

A new series of pneumatic actuators, a double acting and single acting (spring), gear rack drive, safe and reliable; G series of large diameter valves using pneumatic actuator fork transmission, reasonable structure, large output torque, a double acting and single acting.

1, Gear type double piston, the output torque is large, small size.
2, Cylinder selection of aluminum and gold materials, light weight, beautiful appearance.
3, Manual operation mechanism can be installed at top and bottom.
4, Rack type connection can adjust the opening angle and rated flow.
5, Actuators optional live signal, feedback instructions and various accessories to achieve automatic operation.
6, IS05211 standard connection for the installation of products to replace the convenience.
7, Adjustable ends of the screws can make the standard products at 0 degrees and 90 degrees, there is an adjustable range of + 4 degrees. Ensure the synchronization accuracy with the valve.

Five: The implementation of standards

Manufacturing standards


Flange standard


Structural length standard


Inspection standard