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GT pneumatic actuator

Pressure range: double acting 2~8 bar (Bar), single acting 2~8 bar (Bar);
Operating temperature: Standard type;-20℃~+80℃;
Low temperature type;-40℃~+80℃;
High temperature type;-20℃~+150℃;
Stroke adjustment: in90°In position±4°Adjustable range;
Medium: compressed air, non corrosive gases and oils;
Maximum use pressure: input pressure is not more than 8 bar.
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1, Features of GT pneumatic actuator

  •   Compact double piston gear, rack type structure, accurate teeth, smooth transmission, stable output torque.

  •   The cylinder is made of extruded aluminum alloy and treated by hard anodic oxidation. The surface of the cylinder is hard and the wear resistance is strong.

  •   The same specifications include double acting type and single acting type (spring reset).

  •   The movable parts of the piston and the output shaft are all provided with wear resistant materials to support the direct contact between the metal parts, thereby reducing wear and friction.

  •   The mounting and connecting dimensions are designed according to international ISO5211, DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845, which can be interchanged with ordinary pneumatic actuators.

  •   The cylinder block, the end cover, the output shaft, the spring and the fastener are all treated by antisepsis.

  •   The output shaft mounting and connecting holes of various shapes (square hole, flat hole, hole for shaft chain).

  •   There are normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type.

  •   The single acting spring is easy to install and disassemble after pre compression, and has good safety.

  •   Exquisite appearance, light texture, waterproof performance.

2, GT pneumatic actuator technical parameters

Technical Parameter
Working mediumDry and clean; not corrosive gas
Working gas pressureDouble acting:4~8bar
Single acting:5~8bar
working temperatureRoom temperature type:-20~80℃(Ding Qing rubber type O ring)
High temperature type:-20~160℃(Fluorine rubber type O ring)
Low temperature type:-40~80℃(Silicone rubber type O ring)
Slewing angleStandard type:90°±5°
Output torqueDouble acting:4~10560Nm
Single acting:6.9~2668Nm
Cylinder formDouble acting、Single acting(Spring reset)
Control modeSwitch type, regulation type, three stage type (optional opening)
Attachment optionsSolenoid valve, air source treatment, triple parts, limit switch, hand operating mechanism, positioner

GTD Double acting output torque meter(Nm)
型号Gas pressure( bar)